Eurovision blog along with my top Culture spots

I absolutely love Eurovision. It is top-notch cheesy entertainment, brings together all different types of cultures and Graham Norton makes it even better with his sass and sarcasm.

So I’ve set myself a challenge to blog along to each performance. I’ll also add something cultural I’d like to visit in each country. Man I hope I’m good at multitasking. Here I go.

1. Israel – I feel Alive

The fancy fireworks couldn’t cover his wobbly vocals. Forgettable.

Culture spot: The Western Wall Tunnels in Jerusalem. The Old Town looks beautiful.

2. Poland – ‘Flashlight’

Gritty vocals and lovely butterfly projections. An impressive, powerful performance.

Culture  spot: Slowinski National Park. Sand Dunes in Northern Poland?!

3. Belarus – Navaband

Sounds like it should be in Moana. Upbeat and uplifting. I like the ‘organic’ sound. Wait they kissed at the end?

Culture spot: National Library of Belarus. A gigantic glowing orb in Minsk.

4. Austria – Running on Air

He’s a cool guy with a dreamy ‘literally’ stage. The moon and ‘clouds’ make me sleepy. Bit weak.

Culture spot: The Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel. An aerial view of the beautiful city.

5.  Armenia – Fly with me

An eerie performance and a bit ‘Shakira’ sounding. Nice voice but poor song.

Culture spot: Geghard Monastery. A castle carved in the cliffs.

6.  Netherlands – Light and shadows

The tight harmony opening from the girl group had me hooked. We had fun spotting the twins.

Culture spot: Amsterdam Tulip Museum. It looks beaut.

7. Moldova – Hey Mama

They look like three wedding singers and the guy is fake playing the sax. This song is quite irritating.

Culture spot: Chisinau State Circus. An abandoned Soviet circus.

8. Hungary – Origo

He’s drumming an Urn… but their authentic sound and dancing is something a bit different. Oh wait the rap isn’t so great.

Culture spot: The Thermal Baths. Like swimming in a cathedral.

9. Italy –  Occidentali’s Karm

Apparently the bookies favourite? It has colourful staging with questionable choreography. The dancing Gorilla is the only interesting bit.

Culture spot: Amalfi Coast. I’d love to drive this stunning cliff side and shoreline.

10. Denmark – Where I am

She is alone doing a lot of hand grabs with a wind fan for drama. Great vocals and catchy lyrics.

Culture spot: The Little Mermaid. A bronze statue by the waterside.

11. Portugal – Amar pelos dois

It’s been compared to La La Land. A very classy song and stripped back performance. I like this calming vibe and his quirky nature.

Culture spot: Drowned village of Vilarinho da Furna. A sunken village.

12. Azerbaijan – Skeletons

Alternative and gothic. There’s a man wearing a horse head dancing on a ladder. This is not doing much for me.

Culture spot: Martyrs Alley. A memorial to the victims of Black January.

13. Croatia – My friend

This sounds like it should be in a Musical. Oh wait it’s now an opera. He’s singing both parts. It’s pretty dramatic.  Kinda like it.

Culture spot: Plitvicka Jezera National Park. Lakes, waterfalls and limestone canyon.

14. Australia – Don’t come easy

I just don’t think they should be in Eurovision. The reason is so tenuous. This kid is good but I’m bitter.

Culture spot: Sydney Opera House. Iconic performing arts venue.

15. Greece – This is Love

It’s a dancey number with two half-naked men dancing in water. I loved the heart pose at the end. It felt very Eurovision.

Culture spot: Acropolis of Athens. A hilltop temple monument.

16. Spain – Do it for your lover

Opened like Bruno Mars. A mellow beach side boy band theme. The song is too repetitive and vocals patchy.

Culture spot: Seville Cathedral. A gothic building with bell tower.

17. Norway – Grab the moment

There’s a weird masked keyboard player and annoying graphics. It’s techno, morbid and confusing.

Culture spot: Bryggen. Old Wharf with traditional wooden buildings.

18. United Kingdom – Never give up on you

That is a total power song. Stunning staging and unbelievable vocals. It’s the best of the night and deserves to win.

Culture spot: Stonehenge. Iconic prehistoric stone circle.

19. Cyprus – Gravity

Hard to follow such a great performance. It gets lost. I’m still buzzing over our entry right now.

Culture spot: Tombs of the Kings. Large, ancient necropolis with tombs.

20. Romania – Yodel it

Yodeling just had to make an appearance. It’s a wacky combo with rap. It’s pretty laugh out loud cheesy. Why is he on a canon?

Culture spot: Corvin Castle. Transylvania’s most spellbinding fortress.

21. Germany – Perfect life

This sounds suspiciously like ‘Bullet Proof’.  I don’t think it is anything special and there is one note she just can’t reach.

Culture spot: Museum island. Five world-renowned Museums on an island in River Spree.

22. Ukraine – Time

They’re adding a bit of rock to tonight’s pop orientated proceedings. There’s a proper head banger bit and it’s refreshing to hear something new.

Culture spot: Chernobyl. Nuclear disaster zone.

23. Belgium – City Lights

She looks terrified on stage and it is falling completely flat. No energy and lack of experience shows. It has the same sound as ‘Lorde’.

Culture spot: Caves of Han-sur-Lesse. Caves with magical light and sound tours.

24.  Sweden – I can’t go on

He’s the stark opposite to Belgium with lots of confidence and swag.  It’s pop-tastic and they’re doing choreography on treadmills.

Culture spot: R1 Nuclear Reactor. A reactor 25 metres underground.

25. Bulgaria – Beautiful mess

The song has a lot of umph and the boys performance is strong. It’s big, bold and a potential winner.

Culture spot: Ivan Vazov National Theatre. Oldest Theatre in the country.

26. France – Requiem

It’s quite an understated end with no big voice or staging. An average song with no real impact.

Culture spot: Eiffel Tower. Obviously.

So there you have it, that’s my immediate response to each performance and a culture spot I’d like to visit IN EACH.

Even though it wasn’t my favourite Eurovison, as 2016 takes that title, it was definitely the UK’s strongest entry in a long time. It’s a shame Europe disagreed.  We were robbed.

My top four performances were UK, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Portugal.  Who were yours?



  1. May 14, 2017 / 6:34 PM

    I did love the BELARUS performance, but thought that Croatia may have scored slightly better. This year was certainly missing the traditional costumes and overall cheese that comes with Eurovision!

    • Gina
      June 5, 2017 / 12:12 PM

      Yeah it wasn’t the best year for cheese and shocking moments! Croatia were hilarious ? xx

  2. May 20, 2017 / 8:29 PM

    I loved Eurovision and I love your comments on them [hehe]. I actually think UK was decent this year. Maybe the best in a LONG time!?

    • Gina
      June 5, 2017 / 12:11 PM

      I think we did so well this year! And the comments are my immediate thoughts. It was an interesting way to blog ☺ x

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