Annie get your gun! | Manchester

*Say in a Southern American drawl*

Fancy a knees up? A healthy hoe down? A rootin’ tootin’ good time? If you answered yes, then hell, this is the musical for you!

It is a simple story about poor uneducated Annie, who happens to be a hell of a shot with a gun, and her ‘shooting’ rise to fame. But will her new found ‘big headed’ love get in the way? Watch them battle it out in this high energy show.

Me Dad

Now, I took my dad who has never stepped foot in a theatre in his life. Totally uncultured. But he loves westerns. So this, surely, was the perfect show to introduce him to the world of theatre. He didn’t know what to expect, and honestly thought it would drag. So, what did he think of it?

He loved it!!! Humming, laughing and foot tapping away. He said he couldn’t take his eyes of it and had actually heard of lots of the songs before. His face dropped when the interval came thinking it was over. The relief when I explained what an interval was!

Now if that isn’t proof that this show is for anyone then I don’t know what is!!

Watch this purely for the exceptional performance of Annie, a welcome relief to see such a strong female character with a bit of gusto! Girl Power and all that.

Go on, I promise the revival does this family favourite justice!

*tickets courtesy of @PalaceandOpera


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