I wanna Rock! of ages (tour) | Manchester

The Bourbon Room, 1987.  

On entry you’re greeted by boobylicious live singers and staff rockin’ bandanas. The buzz hits you and you’ll start itching for the show. Disclaimer* That won’t be due to any sexual disease caught on premises but we can’t guarantee it isn’t something to do with the drugs on site.

Grab a drink being flogged by our staff down the isles. It’s part of our profit margin and by god do we need every bluddy penny. The mayor and his german kill joys are trying to shut down our piss smelling haven.

You like girls? We’ve got plenty half naked ones grinding on stage.

You like boys? We’ve got rock god Stacy effin Jaxx!! *girls may faint if within 3 feet of him

You like ‘avin a laugh? We’re packed full of dirty mostly inappropriate jokes – where you’re allowed to laugh because it’s a show and no one can judge you because they’re laughing too or hammered…

Sing along to (surprisingly well sang) 80s rock classics. Scream. Shout. Whistle. Go ‘effin wild because no other show you see this year will let you lose your inhibitions as much.
If you’re ready to rock then the Bourbon Room is for you!

The most fun I’ve had at the theatre?

Oh my effin hell yes! I have never laughed so much at a show. I entered a little tired after work and left positively buzzing!

*Tickets courtesy of Manchester Cars @MCRcars. Thank you. 


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