Ten exciting productions in West Yorkshire 2017

Can you believe another year has gone by! As I get older it definitely gets quicker. I visited a lot of incredible productions and places in 2016, twenty six to be exact, which is my most ever. And I am wondering how this year will match up. So I have scoured my usual theatrical haunts around West Yorkshire to highlight ten shows worth seeing in 2017. This is a hugely mixed list in date order, with some smaller more obscure productions to support.

This list does not include shows I have already booked to see!

1. Spillikin, Carriageworks, Leeds, West Yorkshire, 23 Feb

Pipeline Theatre have employed a fully functioning robot to star in this heart wrenching play. There is even a Q&A session after the show to get up close and personal with the leading bot.

2. Hansel and Gretel, Leeds Grand, West Yorkshire, 2-25 Feb

I don’t really like Opera. Or at least I don’t think I do as I have never actually watched any. Opera North have devised this contemporary version of a popular fairy tale, which seems a nice beginner option for me.

3. Safe House, Slung Low, Leeds, West Yorkshire, 26 Feb

I always enjoy visiting Slung Low in Leeds. It hosts such brilliant plays as they support emerging artists who create small scale productions. This one man thriller about a security guard has piqued my interest.

4. Meet Fred, Carriageworks, Leeds, West Yorkshire, 16 March

This looks like a weird and wonderful show based around a cloth puppet who just wants a normal life. It was an Edinburgh Fringe 2016 sell out so it should be worth a watch.

5. April in Paris, Square Chapel Arts, Halifax, West Yorkshire, 17-18 March

I’ve seen and reviewed John Godber’s play ‘Teechers’ here, which was genius. So if that is anything to go by, this story of two friends abroad for the first time, navigating in Paris, should be a reet laugh.

6. Anita and Me, Bradford Alhambra,West Yorkshire, 21-25 March

What was once a book is now a play. I know very little about this but it is written by Meera Syal so it will no doubt be comic, charming and cultural.

7. Medusa Reading, Carriageworks, Leeds, West Yorkshire, 25 May

This is something a little bit different as I’ve never seen a rehearsed reading before. As Proper Job Theatre Company state, ‘This is a fantastic chance to be on the cutting edge of a new ground breaking piece of theatre, feeding into the shaping of the script.’

8. The Addams Family, Bradford Alhambra, West Yorkshire, 4-8 July

This is the UK premiere of the kooky family we all love. It’s a musical comedy that might just surprise me. I think it’s worth seeing just for the live orchestra playing the theme tune!

9. Jane Eyre, National Theatre, Leeds Grand, West Yorkshire, 31 July-5 Aug

Direct from the National Theatre, this looks like a bold and inspiring portrayal of the famous Charlotte Bronte book. Surely that makes it a powerhouse play not to be missed this year?

10. The Little Mermaid, Leeds Grand, West Yorkshire, 5-17 Dec

Northern Ballet are back again with another adaptation of a hugely popular story, The Little Mermaid. I really enjoyed 1984 review here, which depicted the story perfectly. So I have high hopes for this production.

What are you looking forward to seeing this year?

Image Credits: Bradford Theatres, Leeds Theatres, Slung Low, Carriageworks, Docbrown.info


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