Travel blog tips | On the Beach event

I had a (beach) ball of a time at On the Beach’s travel blogger event.

We were given cheeky blogging tips, drank Del Boy worthy cocktails, posed on insta ready inflatables, ate a cake with our face on, relaxed on colourful deck chairs and took over the ice cream bar.

It was fully on brand. I felt like I had been transported to a beach side holiday resort with a group of mates.

These are super useful tips for content creators but I’ve also posted about why I don’t want to be a full time blogger here.

So I wanted to brain dump some take away travel blog tips as a reminder for me and hopefully some insight for you. You may already be an expert but I’m a small content creator and ain’t fully clued up on this business(y) side of blogging just yet.

Who are On The Beach?

On the Beach are a travel company that started in 2004 when founder Simon Cooper had a big idea. Budget-friendly beach holidays. The likes of TUI and Thomas Cook offer fully packaged holidays using their own branded flights and hotels but On the Beach find the cheapest price by booking with various providers. A simple difference that makes a big cost saving. Apparently they get fairly similar customer numbers to Thomas Cook and given they’ve been around 160 or so years longer, that’s pretty impressive going.

Upping your photography game

Dave who you may know from ManVsGlobe is a master photographer. Seriously check out his stuff. So I was really excited to hear his top photography tips.

  1. Do your research before visiting a destination. Look at hashtags on instagram as it will give you inspiration.
  2. Carefully consider composition. Use the rule of thirds and draw your viewers eyes to a point. Add depth with powerful foreground and background.
  3. Place yourself in landscape pictures to amplify the scale of your surroundings.
travel blog tips on the beach

Insta goals

Kirsty from KirstyLeanneUK explored the currently taboo subject of instagram. Let’s be honest, we all have a love/hate relationship with it but she reinforces that the dreaded algorithm is your friend not your enemy!

  1. Use the full 30 hashtags. They are there for a reason so make the most of them. Use hashtags that are under 20k and interact with them to improve engagement.
  2. Always add your specific location to the picture. There’s nothing more irritating than being left in the dark.
  3. Reply to comments within the hour. Although this can be hard when you have a full time job.

Being SEO friendly

SEO. Search Engine Optimization. This was a whole new world to me two years ago. A scary place I never knew… I think it can tear the soul from writing if overdone but there are some quick fixes that will improve your ranking.

  1. Download Yoast if you haven’t already. It’s a simple traffic light system that helps your site become SEO friendly.
  2. Do keyword research using free online tools like Google’s keyword planner. What are people searching for and which are more saturated? You want to be seen and move up the pages.
  3. Get links. They’re hard to gain but not if you’re part of a blogging community. We need to support each other.

It was a fab evening where I met a wonderful group of fellow content creators. We work hard us bloggers and it’s amazing to see a travel company like On the Beach recognise that.

Now excuse me while I up my blogging craft with those quick travel blog tips. That’s if I don’t get distracted by the inflatable beach ball they gifted us!

Find your next beach holiday here


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