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I genuinely thought I would hate this musical. Great start to a review Gina. Seriously though. I don’t consider myself a Take That fan but I’m pleased to report, I LOVED The Band Musical!

Take That were of my decade, but really more my big sisters gig than mine. I was rocking pig tails as Baby spice and boys weren’t an interest for a long time after. FYI Blue was my dreamy obsession. But you can’t deny Take That are one of the biggest pop groups ever, and so it still had that nostalgia effect.

There’s some amazing pop musicals out there you might be interested in. And Juliet, Six and Wicked.

The band review

A fans perspective

Starting in 1993, we followed the heartwarming and totes emosh story of five high school best friends, all hardcore Take That fans. But what should have been the best night of their lives became an evening that changed them forever.

Following their first Take That concert, they disband on tragic terms and go their separate ways for 25 years. That is, until their unexpected comeback. A spontaneous reunion in Prague reignite their fire, as they relive their teenage days, reform friendships and let go of the past.

the band review

It’s not about the boys

I was pleased the show centred around the lives of fans and didn’t serve as a biography of Take That. It made it more human and relateable. The band acted more as a personal jukebox, dropping into the scenes with relevant numbers to drive the story forward.

The boys totally owned their double denim, cheesy routines and charming smiles. Without their absolute confidence and energy, it would have felt stilted. I know they got stick for winning that TV competition, but some of the best performers have followed the same path. So let’s all calm down and give them a chance.

Like I said, I’m not a Take That fan but what I didn’t realise, is just how many of their tunes I actually liked! Just like everyone else, I was well up for dancing in my seat, cheering at the boys ‘in concert’ and waving my torch lit phone high in the air. Who knew I had a fan girl in me?

the band review

It’s all about the girls

The young ladies kicked off the show with so much energy and I was totally sold on their friendship. It was silly and stroppy and summed up the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with a girl gang. You will definitely find something in common with them. They all nailed their characters, but in particular, Katy Clayton as Heather was a little super star and absolutely nailed her comedy timing. Maybe she’ll do a Robbie?

Then came their older selves: a fierce foursome. The total contrast from their childhood dreams provided for many of the laughs. During the interval it prompted a lovely chat with my mum about her dreams and what changed. That’s what this show can do. Bring generations together. Again, all of the women were wonderful but it was Alison Fitzjohn as Claire who cracked me up most. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a comedy queen.

The Band Musical

Hopefully ‘back for good’, you should ‘get ready for it’ and prepare for the ‘greatest day’ of your life. Get it…?

Take That the Musical is more emotional than I expected and just as fun as I hoped. It’s a song and dance down memory lane, which you need to pack a few tissues for, and has to claim the title of ‘Best Musical for all generations’.

It’s on tour for a few months longer, so grab tickets near you.


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