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I have a lot of power yet no real power at all.
I have great opportunities for influence with no guarantee of influence.
I am the most visible woman in the world yet the most invisible.
The Queen.

Another Side

The Audience allowed me to witness a side to the queen, be it fictional or not, that I’d never seen or thought about before.

Without even realising it and probably in return sounding quite ignorant, I generally saw the Queen almost like the ‘poster girl’ of Britain. Someone who brings in tourism, shakes a lot of hands and has recognisably made history heading The Commonwealth.

But this play revealed the Queens human side. The one I’ve never thought about before, which is silly really. Of course she has opinions and emotions like the rest of us. And of course she was a child once, who’s little world was thrown upside down and suddenly got a whole lot bigger.

The Play

The play circulates around her private meetings with the twelve Prime Ministers that have served under her. You see her first with Churchill, as a young slightly nervous yet clearly strong headed girl to the most recent with Cameron as an evidently older, wiser yet still very funny woman.

Helen Mirren’s transformations are just incredible, both through her physicality and her beautiful costume changes. And the Prime Ministers characterisations are spot on.

In the current situation we’re in, leaving the European Union, I do wonder what her true thoughts are. She has so much experience and no doubt a lot of wise words for David Cameron in the coming months. I assume she will she stay true to the public, the idea of democracy and back the leave decision. But maybe the Christmas speech, which she pens with no Governmental advice, will reveal something entirely different…

Rollercoaster Reign

This performance has reminded me of the roller coaster reign she’s had. And the utterly amusing mix of Prime Ministers. It’s never been easy for the UK, from politics to football (!) but each time we’ve stayed calm and carried on. But I can’t help wondering if this time our luck has run out…

Either way, I enjoyed The Audience a lot more than I expected. It was understandable and accessible for people with only little political knowledge and brought a refreshing view of Her Majesty The Queen.

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