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Everyone has a talent. You don’t choose it. It chooses you.

It might be something that frustrates you to the core. Something that makes you feel sick with nerves. Something that makes you cry until you can’t no more. It proves your human and alive.

But you can either take that talent and embrace it. Make it your own. Breathe it. Be it. Take every opportunity it throws your way and better your life. Do it for you. Do it for your family.

Or throw it away because other people don’t like it. Take their hate and jealousy and like rot, let it slowly eat away until there’s nothing left.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. God no, the world doesn’t work that way. But I am saying it’s your life. So ask yourself this one simple question.

Does it make YOU happy?

Billy Elliot as a Musical

I’ve seen Billy Elliot the film and yes it was great. But as a musical? I was pretty dubious. How was that going to work? I couldn’t picture it. Are there any songs better than ‘Electricity’? Doubt it. Would they find children that are good enough to play such a big part? Probably not. But I can assure you this musical blew. my. mind.

Billy, the son of a miner, stumbles upon a ballet class. As you can imagine, a young boy dancing in the North East through the Thatcher years and during the miners’ strikes make for a whole load of barriers to crash through. So many so that a bulldozer might not even manage it…

But this young boy slams his foot onto the accelerator and smashes through those barriers at 70 mph, with the help of Mrs Wilkinson steering them into each and every one.

  • It’s gritty. A real piece of drama with violent and dangerous scenes on the picket line.
  • It’s light hearted. Thanks to his loopy gran, ballet sessions and best friend.
  • It’s emotional. A tear jerker during tender moments with his mother and at times father.

But ultimately I couldn’t have been more proud of the boy who played Billy, Lewis Smallman. Can I just clarify, I have no family or friend connections to him at all, which is why I find it so odd. Maybe I’m getting old or something. But his talent is INCREDIBLE and the angry dance was out of this world. He is the definition of a triple threat and I could gush about him all day.

Just go and book some bloody tickets and do not miss out on this unforgettable and inspirational Northern Powerhouse of a musical.

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