Dirty Dancing the Musical | Manchester

Dirty Dancing the Musical

It delivered everything you would expect.

Every memorable, and even the not so memorable moments were replicated in the show. From dancing on a log, putting baby in a corner to ‘I carried a watermelon’. The audience understandably went wild every other minute. Partly due to the majority of the crowd being female groups who’d had one too many and partly due to the topless ‘Johnny Castle’. Expect this a lot. He was very… buff. *cough*

Kellerman’s Resort was captured perfectly in the set and used creatively in the transitions. There isn’t much to be said for the acting. It was average but it is really damn hard to come even close to such a classic. Even the best actors in the world would fail against the version of Dirty Dancing in my head.

The soundtrack was a winner, so no complaints there.

Really, this musical is a trip down memory lane. A fun night out and a chance to collectively boogie along to some of the most enjoyable songs of all time. Don’t expect a Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey and you’ll be fine.

Have the time of your life (sorry) at http://www.dirtydancingontour.com/tickets/tour-tickets/

Retirement Letter

Dear Valued Customers,

As you are well aware, Kellerman’s Hotel and Resort has a long standing tradition of good old family fun. With just a dash of rumba to spice up the trip for our more seasoned visitors. However, after a review of last season our advisory board have come to the conclusion that we need a refreshed vision, look and programme that reflects the changes in times.

We hope to accommodate our regulars with strong programme favourites such as bingo, outdoor dominoes and formal dance evenings but also attract new visitors with exciting additions. These include new dance nights allowing ‘loose’ and ‘informal’ choreography and an open door policy to all dress codes. The end of show will also take a new shape by steering away from our talent show format, as Johnny Castle takes on the role of creative director.

We know this transition will be a challenge for staff and visitors alike, but we hope you stay with us as we renew our policies to cater for a wider audience. This is an exciting time for our resort, and we are one of the first to be so bold. For your continued support we’d like to offer you a 20% discount on your next stay and a free dance lesson.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to announce my early retirement from Kellerman’s. I have made many memories and friends over the years, who I hope can support my decision to move onto other endeavours. I wish all employees the best of luck and I will continue to be an advocate for Kellerman’s in this time of change.

Join hands and hearts and voices
Voices, hearts and hands
At Kellermans the friendships last long
As the mountains stand

Yours faithfully,
M. Kellerman


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