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Bodyguard the musical took all of my expectations, bundled them up and threw them out of this world. I was not prepared for such an unforgettable show. It probably helped that I was on the front row, love of all the Whitney Houston songs and a fan of Alexandra Burke who plays Rachel – but take that all away and my response would stay the same (probably). It has a powerful soundtrack and even more powerful performers. The opening number literally blew my socks off and singed my eyebrows a little – there’s a lot of fire.
If I was to be harsh, the second half was slower than the first due to the nature of the story, what with a stalker on the loose and all. On that note, the story doesn’t follow the film exactly which is another slight disappointment but it’s what I’ve come to accept from any stage adaptation.
Either way, I felt like I was at her concert, a real party feel emerged through the non existent fourth wall and a love for some pop classics, that you never forget the words to, reignited.
A witness statement

I had been given the Academy Award ticket from a friend team mate. I didn’t even want to go, I had a baseball game to play.
I’ve been player of year for two three seasons, and captaincy is coming my way I can feel it. My friend couldn’t make it, he had a fall that broke his leg so he gave them to me. You can’t turn down a gesture like that. Seems as the match wouldn’t affect our place in the league, I didn’t see a huge problem.
Other than the fact that I don’t like hate pop music. He loves it. The guys think he is batting for the other team, if you know what I mean. We don’t mind. He just needs to keep his mouth shut so our rivals don’t start giving us crap. So, to be a good team mate and all, I took the tickets. I guess I was the first person he saw after the fall, that must be why he chose me. Like a coincidence right.
So I borrows my dads tux and drive to LA. I know it’s 400 miles from San Fran but I thought it could double as a trip to see a new city. Tick it off my list. That’s why I went. I got to had to stand by the barriers on the red carpet. So I saw her, Rachel Marron, is that her name? Thought my friend might want some pictures, you know, because he’s a big fan and he fell. So that’s why I have lots of her on my that camera you took. It’s expensive so be careful with it, yeah. I like to take pictures of baseball games so I need a good camera, with a good lens. It’s my dad’s really, he uses it more actually.
I went to my seat when she everyone went inside. Got a programme, because I like to know more about what I am watching and when each performance bit begins. Sat for a while and thought about my team. I hoped they were winning. The awards took ages to start so I kept thinking about baseball, the sport I play.
When it started I watched and realised I needed the toilet. I’d not been since before the red carpet and wasn’t too bothered about missing Rachel because I’m not a fan like my team mate. I probably should have stayed to take pictures but I got a lot on the camera. That’s why there are so many on it. It’s big in that place so it took me a while to find the toilet and it’s so far away that’s probably why I didn’t hear a gun shot loud bang. When I got back everyone was screaming and the awards had stopped and I wasn’t sure what had happened but I hope they catch him.

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