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It’s pretty common knowledge that I’m partial to a cheeky cocktail now and again. Most of my tipples come pre-theatre, and let’s be honest, at the interval and post show too.  Although now I sound like an alcoholic. Anyway. I jumped at the chance to sample the options in Leeds on a sneaky bar tour. Well, someone’s got to do it…

Pintura, Outside Trinity Leeds

Pintura is the Spanish word for ‘Work of Art’. That alone would entice a stagey visit from me. But luckily it has more going for it than just a relevant name. It’s a classy three floored bar and restaurant with a basque inspired menu. We tasted a stunning sweet vermouth and sherry mix paired with a selection of gorgeous nibbles.  Tipples and tasting galore.

If you’re looking for a fancier drinking establishment to discuss the philosophy behind the arts then pick Pintura.

Smokestack, Lower Briggate

Smokestack is a dark, moody and intimate bar that overflows with customers on a weekend. The bar is the real centre piece here, an imposing wooden structure with a jam-packed bottle display. The cocktail I sampled wasn’t for me but the speech on the history of Gin was down right fascinating.  They also played ‘Don’t Rain on my Parade’ so I was pretty made up.

The perfect place for a mid-week drink after the theatre, to carry on your socialising and get a little sozzled.

200 Degrees, Bond Street

Yes this is a post about cocktails and this is a coffee shop. No I’m not tipsy. I actually posted a vlog about 200 Degrees, which you should watch to learn more. But we tasted two concoctions and it was their creamy, dreamy White Russian that floored me. Not literally. I wasn’t hammered. The sweet and smooth vodka coffee creation went down a treat.

200 Degrees is the perfect place for a relaxed gossip about that amazing show,  as they welcome you with open arms and alcohol too.

Revelucion de Cuba,  Call Lane

A spacious rum and cocktail bar with a Cuban party atmosphere. Live music echoed throughout the bar as we drank from colourful cups. Just look at that Parrot straw though. They have a gigantic cocktail list so there really is a drink to suit most tastes. This venue perked our evening up and created a real buzz and excitement.

Have some down time before a show? Indulge in a mighty Latin feast and fun rum cocktail infusion as you await the stagey gods. Make this bar your after party too.

Cocktails in the City

All these bars are within walking distance of the many theatres in Leeds. The best to try them all out is definitely going to be at Cocktails in the City on the 6th and 7th April.

The bars featured above, among many others, will move into Leeds Town Hall to mix up a reet treat. Gin lovers can experience Tonics in the clock tower, Pintura are running tasting workshops and try your drunken hand at the Alice in Wonderland Live Escape Game. Book tickets for a drinking and dining experience like no other.

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