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You must have heard of Secret Cinema?

They’ve been around for a while, switching up the way we experience films. From a spectator to a partaker you are thrown into the middle of the action.

What action is that? Well it depends on the film they are recreating. From 28 Days Later to Back to the Future, they change the genre as often as Taylor Swift changes boyfriends.

It’s a Secret

The event is called Secret Cinema for a reason. It’s a secret people! And the tag line is Tell No One. You’ll never guess why… The location isn’t revealed until a few days before and no phones are allowed. Annoyingly I did see people sneaking out their mobiles. I guess it’s a hard rule to enforce as the staff provide a plastic bag to seal it in that you can easily rip back open.

I believe with no access to technology you can truly immerse yourself in the moment. Drink in all of action. Interact with the characters. And feel like you are are part of something truly spectacular. Of course people can take photos, by using a disposable camera, which is even more authentic! Having them printed really brought back some memories. Those good old days when your pictures came back with the heads cut off or that big red ‘image is f*cked’ sticker.

Dirty Dancing

Now I visited the classic. DIRTY DANCING. A film my mum had on repeat when I was a child. Possibly the reason I took up dancing at a young age. And a true feel good movie with music that catapults you higher than Johnny and Baby’s lift.

If you’re not familiar with the story. Shame on you. But here’s my super quick synopsis.

A daddy’s girl, called Baby to reinforce that, goes on summer holiday with her middle class family. Her older sister is a bit of a cow. Her dad, a Doctor which comes in pretty hand at one point, is overprotective.  And her mum definitely has a wild side buried deep within. Baby meets the bad boy of the camp and there ensues a rocky rumba inspired relationship, that ends in the famous ‘nobody puts baby in a corner’ scene.

At the event, I was greeted by a geeky porter who had his whole backstory worked out (he was saving up for college, bless him), took part in a dance class with Johnny, tried on different wigs, did the famous ‘lover boy’ scene, jived in the hotel, tried some craft activities and dirty danced in the hidden staff quarters. Phew!

Once I had relived the film, I left it to the professionals to compliment and replicate the outdoor screening with live scenes. The audience even had the chance to join in at parts. I obliged. Obviously.

My Top Tips 

  • Plan your route to the location and arrive early.  There’s queues and lots of people.
  • Dress up. Everybody does and you look like a fool if you don’t.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Pack light and warm.
  • Take cash or card. Some experiences cost extra as obviously drinks come at a charge.
  • Explore the whole camp! To quote Aerosmith. You don’t wanna miss a thing.
  • Do not use your bluddy phone.

I can’t recommend the event enough. Yes it is damn pricey but sometimes, you know what, you deserve a treat. And it is worth saving up for if you’re short on cash. They do a couple a year and don’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon.

My holiday at Kellerman’s was everything I hoped it would be – other than the fact that my fella is a pretty poor dancer and I looked terrible in a brown permed wig…

That aside, I simply cannot wait for the next one!!


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