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Thanks to Slung Low which I first visited in October, I was lucky enough to grab last minute tickets to the sold out performance of, Police Cops, at the Underground Ballroom in Leeds. And wow am I glad I didn’t miss this!

Best Police Cops Ever

The story is absolutely ludicrous. Picture the most stereotypical cop story. Ever. Ham that up to dangerous levels and there is born ‘Police Cops’ by The Pretend Men.

Good boy Jimmy Johnson just wants to be the best cop ever in the hope of living up to his big brother’s/father’s dying wishes. Once you throw in his renegade partner, Harrison, and an evil Mexican drug Lord, you’ve got yourself one heck of an all American, guns blazing, action packed hour ahead.

I can’t deny the plot smelled of Family Guy, South Park and Anchorman. I even got a whiff of Seth Rogan in there somewhere… It was a pretty gaseous yet oddly sweet concoction I must say. Scent studies have shown 60 percent of the time it worked all of the time. If that made no sense, I don’t blame you, and to explain in non-weird terms – I think the same type of crude, stupid humour crosses over. Let’ just say all of their closely related parents got freaky, and created this genetically abnormal off spring. Sorry I got weird again. Damn it.

Style and Flare

Police Cops was extremely stylised. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a performance like it? The only (made-up) word that comes to mind is cartoon-ified. Their sequences were sharp, in sync and abrupt. Characters peppy, wide eyed and emotionally unstable. Scenes made cinematic transitions from dialogue to montages to choreography. Physical theatre was coming out of every orifice! All of that produced using only three actors, an empty stage and some dodgy props. Pretty impressive.

And what an infectious performance. Who knew mixing the actor’s moments of deliberate ad-libbing (and not so deliberate corpsing) with a dollop of outright crazy one liners would create a recipe that dished out such generous helpings of the giggles. This show is a laugh a minute. No scratch that, it is a laugh a second. Scratch that, it is a laugh a millisecond. No scrat… Ok sorry I’ll stop.

Catch them while you can

If you want a night out at the movies, but without the price tag or time commitment then this if for you. Are you a regular theatre goer and want to spice up your night? Then this is for you. Trump supporter by any chance? Then by god you’ll think this is a prediction of the future. Let’s make America great again by going back again…

Either way, I’ve heard ‘Police Cops’ is illegal in nine countries… So catch it while you can.

*this has been crowned the weirdest review I’ve ever written. It’s either due to lack of sleep or the whiff of that odd concoction…

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