YSP Yorkshire Sculpture Park | Wakefield

My Crisp Autumnal Trip

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park describe themselves as the UKs leading open air gallery. I describe them as a ground bursting with giant structures where every corner holds a hidden delight. A few more adjectives does the trick.
I entered the park on a crisp, unusually warm, autumnal afternoon, ready to wonder. We took a walk on the wild side, going ancestral as we didn’t use a map. We opted for some blind discovery like a modern day Christopher Columbus.
Now we are not the arty types. And by that I mean we don’t look at a sculpture and analyse the hidden meaning. We’re much more superficial in that we discuss the aesthetics. Because as most ITV dating shows prove, anything deeper than that doesn’t really matter… Although we of course might recall memories from looking at something or it might prompt an interesting conversation but that’s about it.
So in my layman’s terms here are a few highlights.

The Moon

We passed a big shiny ball titled The Moon. It had craters and reflective surfaces for some more creative pics. And I guess the moon reflects light too, so there’s some appropriate science too.

The Budha

There was a giant Budha that glittered from afar pretty much beckoning us over with its karma or something. I felt like I had trekked in some Eastern humid forest as I was up a hill, wearing shorts and a backpack. My fella decided its belly looked like a Pokeball, so make what you will of that. Or better yet, see if you can spot it on your trip.


Next was their biggest attraction both in size and media coverage. KAWs. These giant Mickey Mice (plural) came in different sizes, textures, colours and poses. I saw visitors of all ages responding to them as Disney transcends all generations. Kids might have seen them as cute but as an adult I kind of saw them lonely, scared and dead by the looks of their eyes. If I was going to get arty then I’d say this could represent the Disney foundation who many say is toxic…

A Rabbit

There was also a sexy rabbit split in two. And no it wasn’t bugs bunny’s girlfriend Lola. Or was it? I should have read the panel. Really I have nothing more to say on that so we should probably leave it there.


Yorkshire Sculpture Park makes for a beautiful walk with intriguing sights and we didn’t even catch them all. No wait, wrong post. We didn’t see them all.

We will be heading back in the winter as this place no doubt transforms over the seasons and I know we will find more treats along the way. Yorkshire Sculpture Park is an Instagrammers Paradise. So charge your mobile phones, put on your comfiest shoes and snapchat, insta and tweet til you drop.

Check them out! http://www.ysp.co.uk/


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