REVIEW: Circus 1903 – the greatest show is in town

Forget the Greatest Showman when you can watch the greatest show in Salford. Circus 1903 is a classic spectacle with magic to make you smile and stunts to make you go wild.

American Ring Master, Willy, sets the scene. We will take a step back in time to the golden age of big tops, big tricks and big laughs. No narrative here. Just pure, simple and unmistakably remarkable, showmanship and skill.  

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Amazing acrobatics

From death defying aerial acts to the fastest juggler in the world and super bendy contortionists to tumbling trios these global acts are something special. They all have multiple awards and records to their names.

In ode to the classic circus line up, elephants even make an appearance. Thankfully, animal welfare has transformed over the years, so these fabricated puppets are a genius alternative. They’re majestic, playful and add grandeur to the proceedings.

review circus 1903

Willy led the show with humour, charm and a touch of magic. His sections between the acts were by far the funniest and involved real magic. I’m still pondering over his mind trickery and my sides are still splitting from the ‘wild animal’. Do expect audience participation by the way. He’s the heart and soul of the whole circus family.

But what made Circus 1903 even more unique was its theatrical nature. The ensemble added drama and energy, the choreography was creative, the costuming of its time and the atmospheric music, beautiful. I sat in awe, mouth agape, mesmerised by the extraordinary feats on stage. 5 year old Gina suddenly came alive.

Circus 1903 is a playground of wonder. The perfect entertainment for children and adults alike. It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and you’ll be talking about the thrilling feats on stage for weeks.

Circus 1903 is playing at The Lowry until Sunday 24 November. FIND TICKETS HERE.


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