An interview with Edward Scissorhands | Matthew Bourne

The performance

Edward was endearing, innocent and uplifting from the moment he shuffled on stage. All of the impressive scenes from the film were captured in moments of magic. It’s true, you forget words aren’t present as only movement takes you on this emotional journey. Finally, the iconic and powerful music is sprinkled throughout the show and is guaranteed to give you goose pimples.

If there is any show to watch this year, it’s this one and it doesn’t come around often. It’s as rare and beautiful as a diamond.

A pretend interview

Edward Scissorhands is an incredible man with an incredible story. He has seen much acclaim due to his unusual, often unbelievable past and of course the cult film adaptation of his life. Edward still lives on his own, peering down on the love of his life from afar, with no plans to return to the limelight. However, I scooped an exclusive and rare meeting with the man himself, to discuss Matthew Bournes interpretation of his life story.

Entry into the, what most people have come to call, castle on a hill was strangely uplifting. You would assume that I would encounter a dark and dreary estate to reflect a somewhat tragic story. Yet the grounds were leafy green, the hedges were neatly sculptured and the sun was suspended just to the right of the mansion gifting light around the grounds. The gates had recently been reinforced thanks to charitable donations aiming to protect what has become a national treasure. The mansion itself however remained outdated and broken, almost capturing this mans spirit. I was ushered into a large bare space, seated on a green leather couch and asked to turn off all electronic equipment. With my note pad and pen in hand, Edward Scissorhands shuffled into the room, stood no more than 2 metres away and waited.

Hi Edward, thank you for your time today, myself and the readers are extremely excited to here from such an iconic figure.
Edward shifts his head to the right.

I know you have limited time today and I only have a few questions regarding the stage adaptation of your life. I smile nervously, hoping for a response.
Edward doesn’t move.

I shift in my seat and begin, understanding this was to be brief and to the point. It has been a long time since you have allowed someone access to your story. Why did you agree to this interpretation?
The film was like a documentary. A lot of people saw it. Yet it was a long time ago. The time felt good. Good to retell my story. In a new way.

What do you gain from telling your story either through film or stage?
People understand. I am not a monster. I am not. He shifts his head back to centre.

Matthew Bourne left you with example video extracts expressing your story through dance. Was it the evidence of a powerful show that drew you to agree or the impressive backlog of work from Matthew himself?

He was a man of few words. It felt rude to ask for more yet… Could you explain a little further?
Matthew is a fan. Sending kind letters and invites to his shows. I know a lot are popular. See emotion in his movement. He shifts his weight forward very slightly. This is stronger than words.

I swiftly move into my next question knowing it is much sought after information. His version differs slightly from the film. Which one truly reflects your life, if any?

Edward stands upright and stares wide eyed into the distance. I wait a couple of seconds hoping for an answer. Many people have speculated about the true events of his past. How much is actually divulged? Does he alter sections to conceal his true hurt? Some more negative people say he fabricates stories – that he is a fantasist and recluse. It looks like we will not get an answer today. I move on hoping I haven’t damaged his engagement in this meeting.

Edward. His gaze falls onto me. What part of the show do you enjoy most?
The neighbours. You see lots. Different types of families. I met a lot of people. Nice and. And not so. 

It is definitely a very colourful and exciting section. You met a lot of interesting people who are brought to life on stage through simple yet precise choreography. What do you want the people who watch this show to experience?
He lifts his chin, closes his eyes and releases a breath. Life. 

With that final line, Edward lifts the right side of his mouth upwards for only a fleeting second but remains to be a moment that will last in my mind. I smile. Thank you.

*Obviously the interview is fictional.
** But the show is truly amazing.

Follow this link to see if Matthew Bournes Edward Scissorhands is touring near you:


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