Hello, I’m Culturebean

The type

Culturebean is an arts, culture and travel blog.

The person

I’m Northern, cultured and, thanks to my dad, my name evolved to bean (georgina – gina – gene – bean) Hence Culturebean. I currently  work full time running Museum events and blog/vlog in my spare time.

The mission

To inspire you to get you culture on, encourage you to try something new and to explore the Northern cultural scene.

The blog

My blog is creative, cheeky, young and fun. My posts are light touch, breezy and accessible to a wider crowd of readers who already enjoy culture and/or want to experience more of it.

The content

I give you insight into a whole host of weird and wonderful cultural events, experiences and places. From museums, theatre and literature at home to culture abroad. I am an active culture seeker and travel addict happy to absorb and share as many different cultures as possible.

The Words

My writing is easy to read, simple to understand and has just the right amount of information. I don’t do high brow or elitism. I’m just a normal girl looking to share my cultural life with others.

The history

Culturebean was born when I graduated with a degree in Drama and Creative Writing. I wanted to log my cultural escapades, keep up my flare for writing and satisfy that opinionated part of me. Fast forward nearly six years later, and I’m only getting stronger. 

I blog weekly and Vlog too. Subscribe to my channel here.